Saturday, January 30, 2016

Planning Your Wedding Reception

When it comes to planning the wedding reception , it pays to know exactly what your budget is. The good news is that no matter what the size of your budget, large or small, there is a perfect reception venue available for everyone. As a guide, your wedding budget should allocate 30% of the total to your reception. Where costs can really start to mount is in the smaller details such as decorations, rentals & outside catering. Here are some hints & tips to help you cut the cost of your reception food & drink, as well how to throw your reception on tight budget. Renting a Hall If you choose to rent a hall or large room for your reception, then there are several things that you will need to take in to account beforehand. For example there is the cost of hiring the room, using their servers (many will have them include in the price & may not be negotiable), then there is the cost of decorations, flowers, food & beverages. With hiring a hall there are several things that you will have to pay for, such as decorations & beverage. But some hall venues will give you a range of options to pick & choose as you like. Your choice of hall type will also have an impact on your budget. For example a grand banqueting hall will typically cost more than a community hall. Another consideration is if your budget is small to start with, then renting a hall could leave you with more effort & fewer options than booking a package with a different style of venue. Here are some tips about renting a hall & keeping your costs down. 1. Halls should only be considered if you have 50 or more guests on your list. 2. Choose a hall you can decorate yourselves. 3. If you need servers, then choose a hall that has them included in the price or one that will let you bring your own. 4. Make sure your choice of hall will cater to your needs & budget. 5. Avoid extra costs for catering & hire a hall that will let you supply your own food. 6. Save money on your catering with finger foods, vegetable & fruit trays. This will also cater to the vegetarians among your guests. 7. A casual style buffet reception will be cheaper than a formal sit down meal. 8. Choose a midweek wedding date as weekend dates are always more expensive. 9. Good rates can be had for winter time weddings. 10. Pay by cash & negotiate a deal on the price for doing so. Most venues will have to pay a charge to accept payments by credit cards so they are more likely to agree. 11. You can save on your catering costs by holding the reception in the daytime & offer just canaps or snacks, rather than a formal evening meal. Having a hall wedding reception needn't cost you the earth, particularly if you pull some of the tricks I have mentioned. Also consider holding your reception outdoors. Some may think that an indoors reception is more elegant than an outdoors one, but this needn't be the case & an outdoor event can be more fun & cost you less.

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