Sunday, December 27, 2015

Why Choose Christian Premarital Counseling

For Christians,embarking on the experience of matrimony is a blessed.We don't take it lightly and we want the
commitment to be for real.Christian premarital counseling can be an important part of this journey.

With divorce rate statistics as high for those in the Church as well as outside the Church, it can be frightful to face this lifetime commitment. When you say your vows before God and your witnesses in the Church, you promise to stay together for as long as you live.The commitment to stay together is for life.

If you want to make a marriage work, and if a person wants to start a relationship on a solid foundation, you will need help to do it.The foundation cannot be laid by the couple alone.As a Christian couple you will need to live a good Christian life.Each one will need to keep their hearts open to love each other, have open communication, and live a truthful and honest life.

Before marriage, a couple may keep certain events or circumstances in their lives from each other.At least, until after marriage, the vows are made, and the couple wakes up next to each other and wonder who is sleeping next to them.A marriage counselor can help explore these areas.

A couple planning to get married needs to openly talk more about their personal lives.Saying "I do" is not as easy as simply saying the words, it means committing oneself to a lifelong commitment."I do" is a loaded response, and needs determination and blessings to last a lifetime.

Several relationships have ended even before marriage when couples chose to ignore early signs of their relationship failing.From the start of a relationship a couple needs to watch out for problems with communication, unacceptable habits and other behavior that may not be acceptable to you.

Taking time to meet regularly with a Christian marriage counselor can give you an advantage.Counseling can help the couple learn better ways to communicate better.The counselor will help you to look at each area of a relationship, so that you can move forward with a solid base, leaning on the Lord to make a real commitment that will last a for life.

Christian premarital counseling can help build a better foundation for a solid married life. When married couples encounter problems, the counselor can be the next available person to turn to, to resolve conflicts.Because things may become difficult, a married couple will need someone to seek help from.A regular counselor can be the couples support to resolve their problems and find solutions.

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