Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Family relationship strained �" repair it with care!

Is enough care being taken by family members, where in both the husband and wife are career oriented. Kids don't have enough of knowledge about their own culture, ethnicity and how diverse it is from others. Their lifestyle varies in comparison to the rest of them. You find more and more strained family relationship too.

Kids are often left at daycare center while older ones spend the whole day at school. They sometimes do not even have enough time to talk about their individual lives let alone spend a day of fun together.
But building good relationships with one's children does not really have to be spent the whole day.

How can things improve?

Small tips for you. Even short conversation, small gestures of love and affection, kissing or caressing the little ones, or your spouse can make a lot of difference in your life. Little things that you do everyday whether they be for an hour or for just a few minutes are enough especially when done with sincerity and commitment to strengthening and building the bonds that you have with your spouse and children if any. Take time for one another by going on dates with your spouse or having family outings. It's amazing what a picnic can do for a family. You don't do the talking all the time; lend a patient ear to your partner or kids too. Listen what he/she have to say about their office or school. Have dinner together or saying prayers together can build a strong solidarity.

Parents with mobile phones for instance can keep track of their older children through mobile phones. Messages left in a family bulletin board or posted on the refrigerator are also great ways of maintaining your presence in your child's life. Help them in whatever small way you can, probably a presentation or some project. Gifting them something once a while shows that you care for them.

Another effective way in building family relationships is finding a common ground and making compromises not only on your schedules but also on your various interests. It is a good idea to take turns going to your favorite places when out on a family trip. Take their opinion on where they would want to go, rather than forcing up on your choice on them.

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