Friday, April 3, 2015


A godly home is more than a house or just a dwelling place,it includes both the house and the dwellers.A godly home is not just a home where the name of God is mentioned,where the bible is read or where family inhabitants attend church programmes. Rather,a godly home is an ideal home where God dwells and where the entire household are God 's children indeed.Where no other name of Jesus christ is truly and practically honoured.Where God none of the things of satan is allowed.Where God is worshipped  with all sincerity and faithfulness.A godly home is where both the husband and the wife are really faithful to one another.Where there is unity in all things.Where prayer,Bible reading and worship are handled with seriousness and faithfulness.Where  children are taught how to really fear God both through instructions and through examples.

A godly home is not a general gift that God is just giving to all men .Anything worth having is worth working hard for.There those who desire for a godly home and they prepared for it and there those whose actions show that they are not interested in having such homes.

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