Monday, September 13, 2010


One thing that may be a common turn off for men is neediness and dependency. Women are famous for being more emotional, jealous and unstable when it comes to relationships and dating, men frequently find these traits to be one of the biggest problems they are facing and reasons that they'll break up with a girlfriend. One of the most common examples of neediness are phone calls. A girl will call many times before man answers and will sit by the phone, fretting as to why he may not of called and what he's thinking regarding her telephone calls. Really, a person is thinking little about the problem. Men will instantly make the presumption that this girl is controlling and insecure with herself, not a great recipe for romance.

The reason that many women act like this in relationships is due to the fact that they have been left before and are scared of a similar situation happening that may cause them pain. The problem happens when the girls begin to act more needy, push the new man away and then buttress her fear of being left. Once a girl has got onto this dangerous cycle, it is not straightforward to recover and build up their self-worth and self confidence once more. While it may seem easy, many women who behave in a pathetic and insecure fashion are aware of it, though still cannot seem to find a way to stop these unwelcome and damaging habits. The reaction a girl in this type of mind set can have to an unanswered phone call can be similar to a panic attack which causes a great amount of agitation and stress. The other side of the neediness coin is of course, playing tough to get. Some ladies believe that seeming to be not available will make them more tasty to men.

The belief in 'playing tough to get' stems from the concept that men like the chase and will only remain interested so long as there's a target which they have to get and a challenge that has not been met. Even though this has shown to work during the past, it isn't an attractive quality to a man with healthy self esteem. Neither of these two personality features are interesting to men or girls in any kind of relationship and it is important to understand that they only way of securing an enduring and trusting relationship is to find a half way mark and retain a healthy respect and communication with any partner. Trust will build up thru time and when you get to know a husband or fiance you'll find that there isn't any need for pretence or mistrust of any kind. Isn't better then to start off as you mean to go on? By respecting a relationship from the very first date without any ploys, tricks and plans is a much better way to discover a happy, content and loving relationship with a great guy.

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