Monday, September 13, 2010


As Christian's we're taught (and firmly believe) that sex is something that should only be shared between a husband and a wife in their marriage bed. What we're never taught is what we're supposed to do once we get there! Sex is a beautiful thing that we're meant to enjoy, but even in the most loving marriage sex can grow stale over time. It pays to know how to pleasure your partner, but most of the sex books available on the contemporary market involve enough unspeakables that you're almost embarrassed to look!

Find your answers in a Christian sex e-book.

Often within the church a sort of taboo develops when it comes to discussing sex. Many couples have questions, but they're scared and embarrassed to go to their fellow parishioners and don't feel comfortable perusing literature like the Kama Sutra or the pornographic literature that passes for educational books in many bookstores. So where are young couples supposed to turn to find the answers they're looking for?

By investing in a Christian sex e-book you will be assured that you're reading a tasteful piece of literature that was designed with the married couple in mind and adheres strictly to the guidelines of what the Lord states is acceptable between a man and woman. This gives you the chance to quietly and anonymously learn everything you've ever wanted to know about how to please your partner, how to make the transition from friends to lovers as smooth as possible and how to keep the spice in your marriage bed, whether you've been married for five years or fifty.

The Lord made our bodies to enjoy sex, and when a man and a woman enter into the marriage covenant the possibilities that presents itself are amazing and not just for their potential to bring children into the world either! While children are a gift, the first gift you and your spouse bring to your marriage bed is each other. It's important that you learn to love and enjoy each other, and a Christian sex e-book can help you do that without exposing you to pictures, ideas and suggestions that no one was ever meant to see.

The bottom line? Don't be afraid to ask your questions. The answers you find might just surprise you. There's nothing wrong with wanting a little spice in your sex life. It's good for you and your spouse, satisfying both your emotional and physical needs and keeping both of your eyes firmly where they belong; on each other.

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