Monday, September 13, 2010


Love is like a circle: it has no beginning and it has no end. Each day has its own cycle, as do months, years and lifetimes. Every single day is complete within itself and is a key part of the greater cycles of years and lifetimes. When we get trapped in a linear trajectory of life as if it has an end, we lose sight of the importance of every moment; we lose sight of the importance of every thought. As an individual you choose whether you wish to be a victim of the moment or the master of it. It is your choice as to which thoughts will flow through your mind and it is your thoughts that will determine your own destiny. You have the power.
The idea of controlling one's mind is not new, but it has become very confused. If you think of yourself as the mind, you give away all the power to control it. But when you recognize that you, the essential you, is spiritual - the soul - you realize the power to control the mind is natural.
To make a relationship last, infuse love for your spouse every moment and with as many thoughts as you can. Replace those nasty thoughts of criticism with loving thoughts of praise and support. Make each day one filled with thoughts of wanting to please your spouse by giving love in sincere and beautiful ways. Waste no thoughts on ugliness and selfishness. Make all thoughts beautiful flowers in the garden of your mind, and always remember to tell your spouse, "I love you.

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