Monday, September 13, 2010


To foster good realtionships in marriage, it is important to have forecast. Sometimes when challenges arise in a relationship those who are unable to cope choose the easy way out; and that is to breakup. To avoid this it is important to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead that are bound to rock your marriage.

Whenever problems occur, the attraction and appreciation that was once there in most cases is lost. During these times you may view your partner more of a burden than an asset. However, true love is not mere attraction. It is a choice which you have to make and stand with your partner in order to establish good relationships in marriage. I state this because it is not every day that your partner will do you good. At times he/she will make mistakes and you will have to be patient and tolerant in order for things to work out.

Communication is the key to success relationships in marriage. When you communicate your needs, you make it easier for your partner to better understand you. You can never find a perfect spouse; therefore you must be ready to forego what your partner cannot offer. In fact, you should always concentrate on making your spouse happy and this way you will build a health reletionship.

You must also be able to appreciate your spouse by little actions that send a big message. Do not get tired of appreciating your partner if you really want to build healthy relationships in marriage. Avoid being too over-confident or taking your spouse commitment for granted. You may just end up regretting it for the rest of your life. Therefore, handle relationships in marriage carefully and you will definitely enjoy the company of your spouse.

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