Wednesday, August 11, 2010


One good thing you can do to reflect is to go out and meet with your family and friends. Make up for those people whom you unintentionally set aside when you were still in a relationship. Share your thoughts and feelings with them. Tell them about your plans of winning your ex back. Just share it with them. You don't always have to justify your thoughts neither would you have to ask them for advice. Just express your thoughts. Things may seem different when they are only a concept in your head. They may give you a new meaning once you hear yourself speaking about them.

Do you still look like a mess as if the break-up just happened last night? Have you stopped drinking and locking yourself up in your room? If your ex sees you right now, do you think you would make a lovely sight or are you a disaster? Try to remember how your ex first fell in love with you. Do you still look as good? If no, do something about it! After looking at yourself, look into yourself. Are you the same person your ex enjoyed being with during the earlier part of the relationship? If not, what could have happened along the way?

When you are already sitting face to face with him, ask him how he's been. Tell him the reason why you wanted to talk. Be honest. Express your feelings clearly. Try not to sound pitiful neither demanding. Tell him that you simply want to tell him how you feel and that you will respect whatever he thinks about it. Once he sees that you genuinely wants him back and that you are willing to work harder to make your relationship last, he surely would not think twice in giving you another chance.

Do not try calling her over and over to get her back, it does not work. Men do not understand that women fall back in love with men that they miss. When she realizes your not there, in her life anymore, she will want you back. If you still love your ex girlfriend, tell yourself not to talk to her at this time. If you have to get help from friends to help you not to talk to her, then do it. In most cases the woman will call you in a couple weeks, wanting to know what you are up to. When this happens, you are well on the way to getting back together.

If you can react this way, you will be pulling the power in the relationship back to yourself. She is not expecting you to agree with her about the breakup, this will cause her to feel you where about to breakup with her. This will start to eat at her and make her wonder what she did wrong. Do not be surprised if she gets emotional on you and wants to know what she did wrong. Just tell her you think a break would be good for both of you. Don't get too close to other girls. It's okay to socialize with girls. It will indicate to her that you've moved on but at the same time if you are in a relationship with a girl, she'll snub you out of contention even if she wants you.

Your ex might continue to hang out with this same group as you. You could even bump into each other when you both seek comfort with your mutual acquaintances. This doesn't mean, when you're moving on, that you must lose your good friends. But it will be difficult to maintain some friendships after you and your ex have split.

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