Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Planning simply means to strategise ,devising logical steps to achieve a desired goals.Planning is as potent as prayer .Any family that lives without proper planning has no proper future .No one can really enjoy what he did not plan for.Good planning guarantees good success and quality productivity. It reduces failure and time wasting in any home or establishment .
Your sitting down to plan with your partner will determine your rising up in life.People who not plan are those who end up being intimidated in life.Many couples fails to fulfill their life dreams not because they do not have the potentials for success,but because they fail to plan and implement their goals and objectives.
Some families often rush into capital intensive projects before planning how to go about it.This act is as risky as diving inti the Antlatic ocean before learning how to swim .
Jesus said "suppose one of you wants to build a tower ,will he not first sit down and estimate (plan)the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it?"(LK 14:28) it good we plan our homes in order not to ruin the wonderful relationship God wants us to enjoy The Bible say: "A noble man makes a noble plan ,and by noble deeds he stands"(Isaiah 32:8)

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